Run Academy+ Simon + Healing Ring

Part 1: 

l 2.;n;exa sign;n;exa sign;op w;w;exa sign;w;s;n;exa sign;op d;d;l templar;exa key;unl w;op w;drop key;w;exa one;exa two;exa three;exa four;n;exa fountain;drink;n;exa guildmaster;l scroll

<Stop. Look at class-specific extras like banner, etc. Practice and train with your guildmaster...I think doing this is what makes it so you can walk back into the caverns without re-walking through the whole academy>

Part 2:

n;l mural;n;l sign;n;l pool;n;l sign;d;l sign;s;l plaque;lo scrolls;nw;l sign;l codex;l text;ee;l plaque;wn;l sign;w;l writings;l plaque;ee;l plaque;wn;l sign;

w;l plaque;l sun;l grimoire;ee;l codex;l statuette;wn;l sign;w;l tapestry;en;l sign;n;l sign;l statue;n;l sign;n;l sign;l note;l vet;outfit;barter statue for belt;n;l notice;l sign;l fountain;drink;l plaque;e;l buckler;wnn

wws;exa woman;exa sign;nw;exa chest;exa 2.chest;get all 2.chest;ennw;exa sign;exa brick;op brick;get all brick;ennw;exa sign;exa lever;use lever;een;exa box;get all box;exa sign;seeen;exa corpse;get all corpse;exa sign;se;exa sign;crawl e;get hat;crawl w;wse;l 2.;l 3.;l 4.;buy sleeves;exa sign;wsww

dddnnnn;wear torch;exa panel;exa sign;op panel;d;exa chest;op chest;get all chest;ue;get fungus;wssssuuuesswssw;give fungus pap;#10 wear fine;wield sword;ennennw

e;u;d;ee;l sign;e;l sign;s;l sign;d;u;w;l words;w;w;n;wdd