Exploration 100 :   Kobolds: Chamber of Imps Kobolds

This is incomplete.  Need to learn how to get past southern locked door and find the Chamber of Imps.

Start point is Western Crossroads

.w5nw2n;l cart;l skull;.n;l hodeken;.d4n;crawl w;crawl w;crawl n;l crack;crawl s;crawl e;crawl e

n;open north;n;e;e;l skeletal;.2w;crawl d;.2ne3n2w2s3e

.wd3n2d;l outcroppings;.2u3su

.dn;crawl down;.ensw;crawl u

.su2wn;crawl down;crawl down;.eesssswwn;l plaque;open north;n;l altar;.2s2e4n

.2w;crawl u;crawl u;.n2e2swss;crawl u;.3se;#sa KILL GUARDS

get key;unlock east;open east;e;l table;l crate;open crate;get key crate;e;l shelves;.ne;l taskmaster;

l shelves;.wswsn2w3s3e2s2neneenee;#sa KILL SKELETALS

Error in next line pathing

get key;.ws2wsws4wn5w;unlock north;open north;n;w;look pool;drink;drink;w;n;n;w;