Run Academy

Part 1: 
l 2.;n;exa sign;n;exa sign;op w;w;exa sign;w;s;n;exa sign;op d;d;l templar;exa key;unl w;op w;drop key;w;exa one;exa two;exa three;exa four;n;exa fountain;drink;n;exa guildmaster;l scroll

<Stop. Look at class-specific extras like banner, etc. Practice and train with your guildmaster...I think doing this is what makes it so you can walk back into the caverns without re-walking through the whole academy>

Part 2:
n;exa mural;n;exa sign;n;exa pool;n;exa sign;d;exa sign;s;l plaque;l scroll;nw;exa codex;exa text;ee;exa plaque;wnw;exa crest;exa plaque;e;exa sign;e;exa plaque;wnw;exa plaque;exa letters;exa grimoire;e;exa sign;

e;l codex;wn;exa sign;w;exa tapestry;en;exa sign;color all;n;exa statue;n;exa sign;n;exa veteran;outfit;barter statue for belt;drop allmap;nw;l pap;ee;l 2.;wear buckler;w;exa notice;nn

wws;exa woman;exa sign;nw;exa chest;exa 2.chest;get all 2.chest;ennw;exa sign;exa brick;op brick;get all brick;ennw;exa sign;exa lever;use lever;een;exa box;get all box;exa sign;seeen;exa corpse;get all corpse;exa sign;se;exa sign;crawl e;get hat;crawl w;wse;l 2.;l 3.;l 4.;buy sleeves;exa sign;wsww

dddnnnn;wear torch;exa panel;exa sign;op panel;d;exa chest;op chest;get all chest;ue;get fungus;wssssuuuesswssw;give fungus pap;#10 wear fine;wield sword;ennennwdd

Run the Simon Quest

say yes;l simon;uunnn;op n;ndnw;fill jug;esd4s2d;give jug simon;

2u3n;op n;ndwn3w3se;say Simon sent me;l wilhelm;l note;give note wilhelm;say yes;

w4s2enw;give scrap Nicholas;l nicholas;l raft;

es2w3n5e;op e;51es7es4es11en;2e2s9e2n6en5e;op s;s;

l dasi;l jeril;give bundle jeril;n;n;get all purse;exa purse;drop purse;6e;op n;n;say I'm here for the delivery;

s;s;13w;s;27w;n;fill pot;3nw;l abdul;give strawberry abdul;e2s4w

15wn4wn7wn15w18n10w3nw;give cake dorothy;say yes;

en36w18n8w4n2wn;l fred;say I need the special tin for Dorothy

s2e4se;7e15s5e;31e;sw;give tin dorothy;

en21w;6s;l olin;l case;give case olin;l beer;empty beer;5ne;fill tankard;w;n

10w;14n;l wagon;get all wagon;l key;l compartment;op compartment;get all compartment;l corpse;get all corpse;12s;l bush;l chest;unlock chest;op chest;l chest;get all chest;drop shin-guards

13n;4e2s4e5n2w4n;l diana;give candy diana;l candy;give note diana;4s;2e;3n;usw;l nyles;give will nyles

Explore Voralian City
<Assumes you're standing in front of Dorothy>
Part 1:
ee;lll;wn;lll;l statue;nw;lll;2e;lll;wnw;lll;e;lll;n;l fountain;n;lll;sen;lll;sseenn;l fountain;ww;lll;en;lll;l wench

Part 2:
2s;lll;neen;lll;ss;lll;l glin;ne;lll;l hanigan;wwsseenn;l hannah;lll;se;l statue;n;lll;2s;op e;op w;wee;lll;wse;l 2.;ws;op e;e;w;

Part 3:
w;l 2.;n;l chest;lll;2u;l bells;dn;lll;sdses;l statue;3s;op w;w;l statue;e;s;l statue;ww;op n;n;lll;sw;l statue;

Part 4:
se;lll;u;lll;dww;lll;esw;lll;ee;lll;wnnwww;l statue;se;lll;u;lll;dww;lll;esw;lll;ee;lll;w

Explore Dagdan
<Assumes - Start at the Gates of Dagdan>

l sign;nn;lll;e;exa pit;nww;exa spring;drink;en;op w;w;exa bed;exa bookshelves;exa talim;enwn;lll;swn;lll;ss;lll;neen;lll;n;lll;ssen;lll;sse;lll;l 5.;l gerandol;e;lll;l brundlir;e;op s;exa door;4s;4w

Explore Neo-Arial-City
<Assumes - Start one step into the area...i.e., one up so you're in front of the boulder>

Part 1:
exa boulder;n;lll;exa bushes;w;exa graves;w;lll;op n;n;exa shelves;sw;exa sarcophagi;d;exa runes;w;exa sarcophagi;w;s;lll;w;exa sarcophagi;enn;exa statue;seeueeen;lll;e;lll;n;op n;n;exa pit;exa hole;exa shelf;get pie shelf;exa pie;eat pie;lll;see;op s;s;lll;exa pit;exa hole;n;op e;e;exa shelf;get pie shelf;exa pie;eat pie;w;u;e;lll;n;op e;e;lll;exa beads;wnn;op n;n;lll;nnn;exa fire;exa table;get peas table;exa peas;eat peas;sww;op n;n;lll;sw;lll;s;op w;w;exa fire;lll;e;s;lll;seeennn

Part 2:
u;s;lll;s;op e;e;lll;exa stove;wsww;op s;s;exa stove;exa cupboards;op cupboard;get all cupboard;exa jug;exa rolls;eat rolls;drink jug;nwnn;op w;w;exa chair;en;op n;n;exa bowl;get all bowl;exa carrots;exa grapes;drop carrots;drop grapes;seu;

Part 3:
wn;lll;s;op w;w;lll;exa stools;exa ropes;e;s;op e;e;lll;exa bone;exa shelves;wsw;lll;exa bags;essw;lll;exa pegs;exa platform;es;lll;nees;exa trunk;exa table;ne;op n;n;lll;exa shelves;exa rock;se;op s;s;lll;exa artwork;exa paintings;exa rug;exa fireplace;n;op e;e;lll;exa potion;exa bookshelf;wnned;lll;dse;lll;n;lll;exa ribbons;nw;lll;suuwnnu

Part 4:
ws;lll;exa desk;nwnw;lll;exa rafters;exa dummy;ennee;op n;n;lll;exa mats;ses;op e;eee;lll;e;lll;exa circle;wws;lll;nn;lll;sw;op w;wsswwwu;

Part 5:
op e;e;exa sink;exa bed;wwww;op w;w;l 2.;e;op s;s;exa curtains;exa portraits;nn;op e;e;lll;exa sign;exa statues;wnn;op w;w;lll;e;op n;n;seee;op n;n;lll;exa stage;exa benches;s;op e;e;l mistress;exa rooms;wsu

Part 6:
s;lll;nee;lll;wn;lll;www;lll;exa pit;exa pond

Explore the (Safe Stuff) in Emerald Forest
<Assumes start in first room in Emerald from the op west in Silverwood. In other words, op west, west, start scripts. If you need to, go kill boogum first and come back.>

Part 1:
uus;op d;d;op w;ww;lll;n;lll;e;lll;n;lll;swn;lll;l well;n;lll;sw;lll;n;lll;n;lll;w;lll;exa text;w;lll;

Part 2:
eessessesessseeen;lll;ss;exa altar;lll;nwssswsee;exa pool;ws;lll;exa cactus;nww;lll;s;lll;wswn;lll

part 3:
sw;exa pit;nw;exa tombstone;nen;op n;n;lll;sen;lll;eeenw;lll;w;exa u;exa trapdoor;op trapdoor;u;exa cat;deenwnnnwn

Flame Blade:

wnnnnennen;exa corpse;e;exa corpse;exa 2.corpse;exa heart;op heart;get all heart;eeenn;exa corpse;get note corpse;exa note;drop note;ssesssw;l figur;ennnwwwwwswsswsssse;use ladder;drop ladder


5e;exa e;op e;e;nneesssss;op s;s;lll;neeee;op s;s;lll;nwwwwwuennnnnwde;op n;n;lll;exa apparatus;
seeee;op n;n;lll;swwwwssssseee;op n;ne;op n;n;lll;se;op n;n;lll;s;op s;s;lll;
nww;op s;ss;op s;s;lll;exa cabinet;
ne;op s;s;lll;nwne;exa d;exa altar;nu;exa shape;exa bell;exa scratches;udds;op altar;d;op rack;exa w;
<<DO YOU WANT TO BE BACKSTABBED?>>  (if so, go west, see spy...worth a lot...come back)
uwwwwwwss;op w;wwwwww


l sign;nnws;lll;n;lll;ee;lll;wnwn;lll;s;lll;ennwwsw;lll;w;lll;w;lll;wse;lll;e;lll;e;lll;esw;lll;w;lll;w;lll;

Upper Cragstone:

2s;l cart;2s;l sign;l pockets;w;l pockets;w;l pockets;w;l pockets;l cart;s;l pockets;s;l pockets;d;l symbol;n;l crack;l vein;drink;n;l vein;n;l vein;w;l vein;w;l vein;s;lll;l vein;s;lll;l crystal;l devices;s;l sign;e;lll;l veins;l cracks;get all cracks;l ruby;e;l veins;l holes;get all holes;l diamond;e;lll;l veins;l crevices;get all crevices;l emerald;n;lll;l veins;l holes;l cracks;l crevices;get all holes;get all cracks;get all crevices;l diamond;l jasper;l gemstone;s;3w

s;l veins;l holes;l devices;l sign;w;l sign;lll;e;s;l veins;l hole;s;lll;l veins;s;l veins;l stone;e;l veins;l stone;lll;e;l veins;l stone;lll;e;lll;l sign;w;s;l veins;l stone;lll;s;l fresco;l veins;l stone;lll;e;lll;l veins;l sign;e;l leak;lll;e;l vein;l sign;n;lll;l sign;2s;l sign;lll;n3ws;lll;l veins;l stone;s;lll;l veins;l stone;e;lll;l sign;2w;l veins;l stone;lll;w;l fresco;l veins;l stone;s;l mushrooms;lll;s;l sign;l water;lll;drink;s;l sign;e;lll;

e;l sign;l 2.;l 3.;l 4.;l 5.;l 6.;l 7.;l 8.;l 9.;l;n;lll;e;lll;l sign;w2s;lll;n2w2nw;lll;l sign;n;l veins;l stone;w;l veins;l stone;lll;n;l veins;l stone;l sign;w;lll;l statuette;w;lll;l statue;w;lll;l statue;s;l lion;l claw;s;lll;e;l stone;l spring;drink;lll;2w;lll;l alcove;w;l flame;w;l statue;s;lll;l carving;s;lll;l 4.;l crack;drink;2n3e2n3en;l veins;l stone;lll;n;l veins;l stone;w;lll;l veins;w;lll;l veins;n;lll;s2w;l veins;lll;n;lll;2s;lll;nw;lll;

l veins;l sign;w;lll;n;lll;s;w;l crystals;l veins;s;l symbols;s;lll;l circles;w;l spring;drink;l boulder;s;lll;n;w;l altar;l statue;l drawings;lll;2e2nw;l veins;l sign;n;lll;n;l gemstone;l benches;2s8en2e7n2e3su2n3e4n

Hamsah Quests

<Assumes you've already done the first Keiiah quest, are standing in front of Keiiah and have JUST given her your item and said yes to wanting more work.

Also assumes you have cheese in a knapsack on you. You can buy cheese cheapest in Galadon wine shop. Also available in Arkham.>

Part 1:
wnneeenwn;say Keiiah sent me.;say yes;lll;l habib;senw;lll;exa monkey;w;exa urns;get all urns;eessss;buy doll;lll;nn7wn;say I need to buy a trap;

<Stop, Give money to trapper!>

Part 2:
s7enwn;get cheese knapsack;give cheese habib;give trap habib;ses7wn;give doll child;e4n3esse

Part 3:
wnnwww5s3e4s2e;get all box;use tesserae grout;use tesserae mosaic;use tesserae grout;use tesserae mosaic;use tesserae grout;use tesserae mosaic

Loch Grynmear:

l boat;get boat;nww;l corpse;get bottle corpse;l bottle;eennn;l boat;uu;lll;open n;n;l path;l steps;
l marble;open n;n;l carpet;l window;l niche;n;l 2.;l carpet;l altar;l pews;n;l 2.;l altar;l dome;l dais;
l carpet;w;l window;l inscription;l pews;l altar;l carpet;l tapestry;ee;l window;l inscription;l pews;
l altar;l carpet;l tapestry;wn;l window;l inscription;l chairs;l altar;l carpet;l tapestry;sw;open w;w;
l window; inscription;l path;s;l 2.;l path;l building;e;l path;l building;s;l path;l building;open w;w;

l 2.;s;l order;l principles;l calatius;l calatius2;l calatius3;l calatius4;l initiate;l novice;l here acolyte;
l disciple;l apostle;l here prelate;n;open e;es;l path;l building;ee;l path;e;l 2.;l shrine;get flowers shrine;
l flowers;drop flowers;l bed;l bushes;l flowers;n;l path;l here stone;w;l path;l statue;n;l statue;l inscription;
l shrubs;en;l path;l window;l inscription;n;l path;l fountain;w;l 2.;l fountain;l water;get all water;l crystal;
l grass;l marble;l benches;n;l path;l fountain;l shrine;n;l shrine;l grass;e;l shrine;l grass;nw;l 2.;l stones;
l benches;essss;open e;e;l pedestal;l vines;open s;s;l table;l drawer;open drawer;get all drawer;l note;
drop note;l candle;s;l candles;open s;s;l bed;l dresser;l chair;l carpet;l mat;l bag;l papers;l notes;

l page1;l page2;ne;open n;n;l bed;l wardrobe;l chair;l footprints;l top;get all top;l bundle;get all bundle;
l book;l zurcon1;l zurcon2;l zurcon3;drop book;drop bundle;l tables;s;open s;s;l 2.;l chest;l bed;l desk;
l candle;l carpet;say what is the note?;l paper;drop paper;ne;open n;n;l 2.l bucket;l bed;l desk;get all desk;
l parchment;l chest;l armoire;l bookshelf;l lamps;s;open s;s;l bed;l mirror;l desk;l chairs;l table;l dresser;
l shelves;l tree;l bookcase;l candles;ne;open n;n;l 2.;l chest;l 2.chest;l 3.chest;l bed;l shelves;l figures;
l lamp;l washbasin;l books;l fishbowl;l castle;get all castle;l key;s;open s;s;l chain;l tank;l bench;
l flowers;l rack;get all rack;l book;drop book;nwwwn;open n;n;open e;e;l candles;e;
l table;l books;l beds;open chest;open 2.chest;l chest;l 2.chest;get ring chest;l gold;drop 1.;e;

l table;l books;l beds;open chest;open 2.chest;l chest;l 2.chest;l 2.;get poem chest;get model 2.chest;l poem;l model;drop poem;drop model;n
l table;l books;l beds;open chest;open 2.chest;l chest;l 2.chest;get statue chest;get flute 2.chest;l statue;l flute;drop statue;drop flute;w
l table;l books;l beds;open chest;open 2.chest;l chest;l 2.chest;get hat 2.chest;l hat;drop hat;sww;open n;n;
l 2.;l table;l chandelier;l tapestry;e;l table;l chandelier;l tapestry;n;l table;l chandelier;l tapestry;w;

l table;l chandelier;l tapestry;open n;n;l 2.;l table;l fireplace;l portrait;l inscription;se;open n;n;
lll;l tables;l pots;l cabinet;l fireplace;open trapdoor;d;l lantern;l ladder;l casks;l racks;l center;
l star;use bottle star;drop bottle;u;open e;ee;l 2.;l barrel;sw;l 2.;nwsws;open s;swnwnwn;l bed;
l chair;l privy;l screen;l footrest;l shelf;sw;l bushes;l flowers;s;l 2.;l sculpture;l flowers;
l bushes;w;l 2.;l bushes;l flowers;w;l 2.;en;l 2.;l bushes;l flowers;n;l flowers;l trees;e;l trees;l bushes;sswssesse;open s;swessss