say yes;l simon;uunnn;op n;ndnw;fill jug;esd4s2d;give jug simon;

2u3n;op n;ndwn3w3se;say Simon sent me;l wilhelm;l note;give note wilhelm;say yes;

w4s2enw;give scrap Nicholas;l nicholas;l raft;

es2w3n5e;op e;51es7es4es11en;2e2s9e2n6en5e;op s;s;

l dasi;l jeril;give bundle jeril;n;n;get all purse;exa purse;drop purse;6e;op n;n;say I'm here for the delivery;

s;s;13w;s;27w;n;fill pot;3nw;l abdul;give strawberry abdul;e2s4w

15wn4wn7wn15w18n10w3nw;give cake dorothy;say yes;

en36w18n8w4n2wn;l fred;say I need the special tin for Dorothy

s2e4se;7e15s;l sign;4e;l writing;e;l sign;10e;l sign;18e;l sign;3e;sw;give tin dorothy;l dorothy

en21w;6s;l olin;l case;give case olin;l beer;empty beer;5ne;fill tankard;w;n

10w;14n;l wagon;get all wagon;l key;l compartment;op compartment;get all compartment;l corpse;get all corpse;12s;l bush;l chest;

unlock chest;op chest;l chest;get all chest;drop shin-guards

13n;l sign;4e;l sign;2s4e;l sign;5n2w4n;l diana;give candy diana;l candy;give note diana;4s;2e;3n;usw;l nyles;give will nyles